Why do split ends form?

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Why do split ends form?

The environment puts the integrity of the hair to the test every day. Let's think of solar radiation, chlorine in swimming pools, pollution and, to all this, we still add some incorrect behaviors such as the use of very hot straighteners or hair dryers, repeated bleaching and dyeing, etc.

Repeated damage first destroys the cuticle of the hair, i.e. the external protection, and subsequently the cortex, thus determining the formation of split ends.

It is therefore important to protect your hair every day as, once split ends have formed, it is difficult to repair the damage except with a good haircut.

To prevent the formation of split ends, ESTĒREL therefore recommends avoiding too aggressive cosmetic treatments and always using specific cosmetics such as the RÉPARE POINTES SHAMPOO and the RÉPARE POINTES MASK by POINTES ABÎMÉES COLLECTION which carry out an intense restructuring and strengthening action, preventing and eliminating effectively split ends, nourishing the hair in depth.

Furthermore, it is important to protect the hair during exposure to UV rays with the innovative REFRESHING ALL OVER LOTION from the SUN COLLECTION, revitalizing and anti-ageing which gives to hair a strong remineralizing and protective action and, at the same time, hydrates and refreshes the skin leaving it sweetly scented.

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