Melos Curly Style

Waves Effect

Curly Hair?

Melos Curly Style is the New ESTĒREL Collection for the caring and exalting Curly, Wavy and Frizzy Hair.
The best routine to gently moisturize and protect hair, improving definition, health, and one word, the BEAUTY of the curly hair.

Three Professional Products for caring hair conditions, with no dyes and silicones, as designed with natural ingredients such as Aloe Extracts, Flaxseed and Chia, Vitamin E and Argan Oil.

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Price €75.00

The perfect routine to have soft and defined curls.

Cosmetic solutions formulated specifically to enhance the waviness and definition of curly, wavy or frizzy hair, nourishing and hydrating it, thanks to an effective anti-frizz effect.

Curls Hair Cleanser

Price €30.00

Exciting Waving

Specific shampoo for curly or wavy hair; cleanses delicately, giving elasticity and shine. Discipline and control by wrapping the hair with a protective film, eliminating frizz. It has a deep hydrating and nourishing action, making curly hair more defined and soft.

Curls Hair Enhancer Mask

Price €30.00

High Hydration | Anti-frizz

Highly hydrating, restructuring, nourishing and anti-frizz mask for curly and wavy hair.
Promotes perfect detangling, gives elasticity and shine.

Curls Hair Fixer Gel

Price €30.00

Wavy-shape Definition

Definition gel to enhance curly or wavy hair, providing immediate hydration and shine.
Protects the hair fiber, controls frizz, facilitates styling, increasing volume, shape and the natural elasticity of the curl.