Rewards Beauty Program

ESTEREL rewards your cosmetic orders and your loyalty! For each purchase on the online store you will be rewarded with special bonus that you will have the opportunity to redeem as a discount voucher on your next order. Note: the discount bonus can be converted during the year (365 days) and once redeemed into the corresponding coupon this can be applied to your next order within the following 30 days.

Yes, it sounds very good! I want to be an ESTEREL loyal member!

To join the Rewards Beauty Program it is very simple, like easy registering a personal account on the store and start buying our amazing beauty solutions.

LOYAL MEMBERS: beauty rewards!

It is very easy and free to make a personal account, in order to get a quicker and secure order process and select the most convenient shipping address.
Besides, subscribing the ESTEREL Newsletter, any loyal member receives the necessary updates about the recurring special promotions and sale.
Moreover, a new subscriber get a Special 10% Off on his first order.
That’s why having an ESTEREL account is beautiful… Like signing in!

If you ordered on (after August 2016), you probably have already created your personal account: in such case, you can freely proceed with your shopping and you will be automatically collecting your rewards.

On the contrary, for the old guest customers without a personal account or those with purchase orders made before May 29th 2017 the Rewards Beauty Program has not yet begun to collect rewards.

To check and redeem your special rewards click on your personal account section "My Rewards Account".

How many rewards can I collect with my orders?

Every order on webstore give the opportunity to collect a 3% of the Product value (shipping fees excluded) that can be redeemed on the next purchase order.
For example: with a total order of 200€ a loyal member start collecting a 6€ reward for the next order.

All rewards will be available right after the order delivery at your requested address and these rewards will be confirmed by a specific confirmation email. From this moment, the reward can be redeemed through a special online voucher.

Any order will increase the Loyal Rewards: any member can decide whether to use the collected rewards or to increase this amount to get a larger discount later.
How can I redeem my rewards into an online voucher discount?

Log in and visit your “My Rewards Account” section to redeem your rewards as a special discount voucher (all rewards can be available only after previous orders delivery).

Fidelity program - Your Account

Click on "Redeem my Rewards in a Voucher Code" and your personal discount will be available.

How can I use my discount voucher?

Once a Loyal Member creates the voucher code, this can be applied right on the next order: just click on the "Add to Cart" button in the available discount vouchers section, or copy and paste the code into the shopping cart:

Cart - Voucher Fidelity Program

Besides, a voucher remind will be displayed in the shopping cart summary: click on the code and add it to your shopping cart.

More details

  • Once redeemed, the discount voucher has a duration of 30 days
  • The discount voucher can be applied only once
  • A discount code can not be added to other voucher promotions
  • There is no minimum spending limit to use a special rewarding voucher
  • You can always choose to redeem your loyalty coupon instead of any ongoing promotion