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Ice Gel Rinfrescante Gambe

Price €48.00

Refreshing Gel for Swollen Legs

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Jar 250 ml NET WT. 8 OZ.
Refreshing gel for swollen legs, ankles and feet, to relieve...

Anti-cellulite Shower Gel - step 0
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Cellulite 0

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Cinnamon Detox Gel

EXFOLIATING and DETOX TREATMENT: the 'fast-acting' cellulite solution. Recommended to prevent and treat the first stage of cellulite, STEP ZERO, for taking care of the intoxicated skin tissue.

Peeling Scrub for Face and Body
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Scrub Plaisant aux Noix...

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Face & Body Purifying Scrub

Jar 200 ml 6.8 NET WT. OZ.

Purifying Peeling Mask with mechanical action to remove dead cells, impurities, promote the maturation and expulsion of comedones (blackheads), and improve the appearance and natural beauty of the skin.

Mosquitos After Bite Relief
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After Bite Relief

Price €12.00

Bug Bites Solution

Soothing after-bite cosmetic solution based on phyto active ingredients. Including ten pure essential oils in synergy with other plant extracts, its formula acts on irritated skin, calming the redness, swelling and itching caused by...

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Kit Body Routine ACTION...

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The warm season is the right time to treat the imperfections of cellulite and adiposity, improve the tone and elasticity of the tissues and restore well-being and beauty to the skin.