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Shower Bath Without Soap for Frequent Washings
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Gel Douche

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Shower Bath Gel

Bottle 250 ml 8.4 FL. OZ.
Protective shower gel without soap. Suitable for frequent washings, it refreshes the skin without irritating or dehydrating.

Savon Fluide +

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Delicate Soft Soap

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Bottle 500 ml 16.9 FL. OZ.
Soft Delicate Soap formulated for hands and intimate cleansing of women, men and children.

Multi-Nettoyant pH

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Hair, Body & Beard Triple Cleanser

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Bottle 250 ml 8.5 FL. OZ.
Triple Cleanser for Hair, Body and Beard. A single multi-benefit product suitable for...


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Sensitive Daily Intimate Gel

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Intimate wash for personal hygiene, recommended in case of sensitive skin.

Tonifying Shower Shampoo

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Relax Shower Shampoo 

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Shampoo & Shower cleansing cream for restoring energy and vitality with an easy and fresh wellness touch.

Hydrating and Refreshing...

Price €19.00

Moisturizing and Restoring Solution

Rich of Maritime Pine and Green Tea, it ensures a powerful cleansing action, hydrating and regenerating lengths and split ends. Leaves skin healthy and supple, keeping hair shiny for longer.

Hydrating Hair Conditioner

Price €19.00

Restoring and Detangling Solution

Intensive treatment for detangling and softening weakened hair. It revitalizes and strengthens the structure of damaged hair, with an effective moisturizing and repairing action. Eliminates free radicals that are...


Protective and Reviving Emulsion for Micropigmented Scalp

Special cleanser formulated for scalps subjected to micropigmentation, to keep the scalp always hydrated and supple. Recommended for preserving the intensity and definition of the pigments over time and for a fantastic...