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The choice of using organic products means being informed and aware, embracing a lifestyle made of love for themselves and nature: this is the reason why it is so important that the BIO products we buy are truly natural and organic!

ESTEREL is traditionally committed to manufacture natural cosmetics, selecting organic ingredients and designing professional natural cosmetics for skin and hair care, respecting the environment and its inhabitants.

Nowadays, ESTEREL decided to certify with the highest international standards the brand new collection of 100% natural and totally chemical-free products.

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BIO PRODUCTS: pleasant and effective solutions

ESTEREL designs its own organic products in Italy, near Turin where the Research & Development Labs and production plants cooperate to manufacture, under the careful guidance of the Zunino Family, to launch the best Italian natural cosmetics available online.

The new bio_HYDROSATIN Collection has been designed with scrupulous care for details, choosing to produce natural products, without forgetting the sensorial pleasure of using a beauty product.

In fact, the so-called "green cosmetics” often have a poor texture and appearance like enlightening the “natural concept”: "it doesn’t taste too, it's good!"

On the contrary, the ESTEREL Labs have chosen to do an intensive work for researching the most pure and effective raw materials, coming from organic and eco-sustainable farms, matching these components with extremely pleasant and lovable textures to create a truly unique collection of effective “green products”.

NATRUE Certified Products

The bio_HYDROSATIN Collection, certified as organic beauty solutions following the most selective NATRUE standards, are renowned for the value of their formulas, the use of highly delicate natural substances and they guarantee the best hydration and efficacy performance, such as to be recommended also in case of sensitive skin and prone to irritation, dermatitis or during pregnancy.

The bio_HYDROSATIN Collection presents 5 Best Sellers focused on the very delicate areas of the body, such as eyes, face, hands, relaxation and stretch marks and intimate areas.

Every product has been designed to meet three key requirements:


Certified products for caring the "weak spots": eyes zone, face, hands, sagging skin, stretch marks and intimate areas. The true organic product is the fruit of love.

NATRUE Certified Products

A very tasty INCI (Ingredients List): with no nickel, no parabens, vegan and cruelty free

All ESTEREL cosmetics have a list of ingredients to be very proud of: special formulas, tested results and ultimate benefits.

The bio_HYDROSATIN line have no chemical ingredients, including only natural ingredients, such as:


Very important it is also the “No-No List” of the ingredients phased out from the bio_HYDROSATIN formulas:

  • PEG / PPG
  • DYES

Natural Solutions for caring face and body

5 advanced and effective products:

  1. STRUCCANTE b-DELICATO / 2-PHASE MAKEUP REMOVER Bi-Phase Soft Cleansing Water for ultra-effective make-up removal that leaves skin clean and soft with no greasy residue. Its oil phase instantly dissolves resilient, long-lasting and waterproof make-up from the face, eyes and lips. Instead, the water phase delicately captures skin impurities.
  2. LENITIVO VISO / SILK DEFENCE TOUCH Delicate & Calming Face Cream that with its precious natural ingredients protects and moisturizes sensitive skin. Rapidly absorbed and balancing the moisture levels, it leaves skin silky and pampered. This organic face solution harmonizes and deeply hydrates skin all day long.
  3. DETERGENTE SOFT / GENTLE INTIMATE WASH Sensitive Daily Intimate Gel for personal hygiene, recommended in case of sensitive skin. Naturally formulated it works to gently clean, calm and soothe, whilst not stripping the skin of its natural oils. A gentle botanical intimate solution to cleanse and refresh, even several times a day.
  4. IDRATANTE MANI / HAND MOISTURIZING PURE CREAM Hydrating & Purifying Cream for Hands that simultaneously performs a double action, ensuring nourishment and freshness to the skin. With its natural fresh and energizing aroma it moisturizes and sanitizes the skin, leaving it silky and pure. In 30 seconds it cleanses and regenerates your hands.
  5. TONIFICANTE CORPO / NOURISHING BODY SILK Moisturizing & Firming Body Cream to hydrate and tonify skin, especially in case of dry, lack of elasticity, especially during pregnancy. De´collete´, breast and legs feel smooth, shaped and moisturized with a new healthylooking glow.

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