Green Beauty: Natural Products Our Mission

We care the beauty of our Planet

The ESTEREL philosophy believes that the beauty coming from taking care of Skin and Hair must be in symbiosis with the environment respect.

The cosmetic products we use every day have to pamper our healthy routine and, at the same time, they must be products fully respecting the environment: this is our believe!

Nature is generous with us: it offers us precious raw materials, which our Labs mix to create effective natural solutions for the personal care. ESTEREL thinks that natural environment deserves respect.

This is the reason why beyond the beauty experience of our customers, we deeply care for the beauty of our beautiful Planet!

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Cruelty Free since ever

Today it is not unusual for a cosmetic company claiming to offer "cruelty free" products or "not tested on animals" cosmetics.

ESTEREL is proud of not testing the products since day one. In those days when the interest in such issues was less than today - and the rules on this matter far less binding.

Respect for nature is a business model combined with the daily commitment to find effective and renewable ingredients, as demonstrated by the ISO 14001 certification that ESTEREL confirmed over the last 20 years.

For this reason, ESTEREL developed important partnerships with the most prestigious Italian Universities: it is truly important to test the quality products and guarantee their results to the customers.

Reduction of CO₂ emissions

Every our shipment with BRT is CO₂ neutral, thanks to projects that off-set greenhouse gas emissions with the production of clean energy from renewable sources: from the wind power plant in India to the biogas production project in Brazilian landfills.

Cosmetici Cruelty Free per capelli e pelle

Not just words but real choices

Since the first manufacturing days in Volpiano (Turin), for instance, ESTEREL developed advanced systems for the efficient disposal of post-production waste materials by collecting all the waste water in an extended subsoil reservoir that is periodically emptied and sanitized by companies specialized in the disposal of special waste and by recycling bins, tanks and plastic materials in special areas for future recovery and full recycling.

Separate waste collection: a dogma for every single department since ever. "100% Clean" certified energy and recycled and recyclable packaging for many years now.

We strongly believe that it is important to continue investing - even economically - for the ecological sustainability of our company.

Our Certifications

The International Certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14401 have been, over twenty years ago, an extraordinary goal in terms of reliability and prestige.

A further prestigious result it is certainly represented by the specific certification for the cosmetic market, the ISO 22716, which concerns the Good Manufacturing Practices that produce the quality and safety of a product.

The Mario Zunino Labs were, by far, among the first Italian Manufacturing companies to proudly earn these three important awards: this is the ESTEREL way, this is MADE in ITALY!

A BIO path

We are certainly happy with the results achieved in terms of credibility and respect for the environment, but we continue to look ahead. ESTEREL is also certified to produce BIO cosmetics as prescribed by the International NATRUE Association, which defines very precise requirements so that a cosmetic can be defined as BIO, so that at least 70% of the product must be of a biological nature. Requirement that, in fact, many of our cosmetics have been fulfilling for years...

ESTEREL is now certified to design and manufacture BIO products as prescribed by the International NATRUE Organization, which defines very precise requirements in order to identify a cosmetic as a BIO / ORGANIC product, so that at least the 70% of its formula has to be naturally organic.

Condition that, in fact, many of the ESTEREL solutions have been fulfilling for years...


The ESTEREL commitment through daily choices:

  • ISO 9001 Certification (Quality Oriented System)
  • ISO 14011 Certification (Environment Respect)
  • ISO 22716 Certification (Safety and Effectiveness)
  • Vegetarian Active Principles in formula
  • Industrial use of Clean Energy
  • Packaging components recycled and recyclable
  • Simply Packing in order to reduce the environmental impact
  • Organic Cleaning Process
  • Products with no animal ingredients
  • Not Tested Products (Cruelty Free)
  • Research & Development following the Nature unwritten rules
  • New Formulas with advanced and organic components