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Body Relaxing Fluid

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Bottle 250 ml 8.4 FL. OZ.
High power fluid treating the lymphatic stases. It helps the removal...

Energy Fluid

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Heating Sports Fluid

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Smoothing fluid, for oxigenating tissues and stimulating blood circulation, skilled for warming...

Recovery Fluid

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Comfort Body Fluid

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Soothing jelly fluid, formulated for controlling muscles fatigue, during and after sports training.

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Total Protection

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A kit to guarantee 100% natural total protection, cleanse, protect, sanitize and purify your hands! A set of Cosmetics ideal for use both outside the home (even in the absence of soap and water after touching, surfaces, products, money or...

Hydrating Tan Activating Skin Fluid
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Hydrating Tan Activating...

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Tanning accelerator, moisturizer and anti-aging solution

Stimulates the production of melanin, for a uniform and golden tan, even when if not exposed to Sun rays. Specific when it is hard to get tanned and for lasting the healthy effects of tanning....

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Kit Body Routine ACTION...

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The warm season is the right time to treat the imperfections of cellulite and adiposity, improve the tone and elasticity of the tissues and restore well-being and beauty to the skin.