SOLE Sun Collection

SOLE is the ESTEREL Sun Collection, designed with innovative natural ingredients enriched with anti-ageing active ingredients. Beauty treatments recommended for protecting hair and skin from UV rays, salt, wind, chlorine and water resistant, capable of preventing burns and the formation of rashes, sun spots.
The right solution against burns and avoid damage and skin aging due to sun exposure, maintaining a luminous tan and prolonging it over time.

The SOLE Collection is Ocean Friendly, compliant with the HAWAII protocol of January 1st, 2021 which prohibits the use of UV filters harmful to coral reefs and the marine ecosystem.
The SOLE by ESTEREL Sun Collection is « Bio Oriented » regarding the choice of:

  • raw materials and natural active ingredients,
  • eco-sustainable packaging materials,
  • controlled manufacturing environmental impact.

EXTRACT OF MARITIME PINE is the active ingredient common to all products in range:

  • active vegetable functional ingredient from organic farming (COSMOS certified);
  • effectively opposes the formation of free radicals;
  • improves skin hydration;
  • protects and soothes the skin by contrasting the typical signs of chrono and photoaging.


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Hydrating Tan Activating Skin Fluid
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Hydrating Tan Activating...

Price €22.36 Regular price €26.00 -14%

Tanning accelerator, moisturizer and anti-aging solution

Stimulates the production of melanin, for a uniform and golden tan, even when if not exposed to Sun rays. Specific when it is hard to get tanned and for lasting the healthy effects of tanning....

Refreshing All Over Lotion
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Refreshing All Over Lotion

Price €15.00

Hair & Skin Restoring Water

Scented water for face, body and hair, revitalizing and anti-aging; hydrates, tonifies and refreshes the skin leaving it sweetly perfumed and performing a re-mineralizing action on the hair. Recommended for all skin and...

Smoothing Antiage Treatment for Sensitive Skin
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After Sun Soothing Cream

Price €28.00

Intensive Soothing Treatment

Rich in Avocado Oil and Olive Oil, that acts simultaneously with a calming, repairing and refreshing action, reducing and minimizing the negative effects of Sun exposure such as: tight, reddened skin, burning and itching...

Medium High Protection Tanning Activator
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Sun Care Milk SPF30

Price €29.00

Medium/High Sun Protection Milk

Protective milk, water resistant, soft and light, to protect the skin during the exposure to UV rays, leaving it supple and velvety. Thanks to the presence of a mix of latest generation sunscreens, Ocean & Reef...

High Protection Tanning Activator
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Sensitive Sun Protection SPF50

Price €31.00

High Sun Protection Milk

Protective milk, water resistant, soft and light, to protect the skin during exposure to UV rays, leaving it supple and velvety. Thanks to the presence of a mix of latest generation sunscreens, Ocean & Reef Friendly (Hawaii...

Shower Shampoo I Hair and Tanning Protection
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Hydrating and Refreshing...

Price €19.00

Moisturizing and Restoring Solution

Rich of Maritime Pine and Green Tea, it ensures a powerful cleansing action, hydrating and regenerating lengths and split ends. Leaves skin healthy and supple, keeping hair shiny for longer.

Hair Restoring Balm
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Hydrating Hair Conditioner

Price €19.00

Restoring and Detangling Solution

Intensive treatment for detangling and softening weakened hair. It revitalizes and strengthens the structure of damaged hair, with an effective moisturizing and repairing action. Eliminates free radicals that are...

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ESTATE Fresh and Sunny...

Price €20.00

Eau de Toilette for Her and Him

Fresh and vibrant summer fragrance, giving smooth and inebriating vibes. Recommended for women and men.


Tropical Insect Repellent
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Tropical Insect Repellent

Price €11.00

Natural Bug Spray

Insect repellent and protective natural product, delicate and light. Its special formula based on pure essential oils acts quickly, protecting the skin from mosquito bites and other insects, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness....

Mosquitos After Bite Relief
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After Bite Relief

Price €12.00

Bug Bites Solution

Soothing after-bite cosmetic solution based on phyto active ingredients. Including ten pure essential oils in synergy with other plant extracts, its formula acts on irritated skin, calming the redness, swelling and itching caused by...

Argan Elixir +

Price €28.00

Restoring and Repairing Fluid

Bottle 100ml 3.3 FL. OZ.

Moisturizing and Restructuring Argan Treatment. It restores shine and structure to the hair with a special nourishing and anti-aging action. Suitable for all hair types, it is recommended for caring dry, damaged, colored,...