Protect your hair from the cold

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Protect your hair from the cold

During the cold months, hair is put to the test by seasonal temperature changes, increasing pollution in the city, the first rains, excessive humidity and many other environmental factors.

The result? The hair becomes weak and flat, brittle, dull and tends to fall out easily. Furthermore, the harsh winter temperatures also act on the scalp: the sebaceous glands, for example, reduce the production of sebum, leaving the skin drier and more sensitive.

Here are some more effective tips to protect your hair, even from colder temperatures:


First of all, it is important to focus on hydrating the scalp and hair, using a delicate shampoo such as the SHAMPOO PHYTO Β-HYDRATANT ESTĒREL which, thanks to the SURFACTANTS of PLANT ORIGIN and SOY PROTEINS, provides nourishing substances that restore hydration and shine to the hair, protecting the scalp too. When washing, pay attention to the temperature of the water which must not be too hot, to avoid further sensitizing the scalp, which is already subjected to temperature changes.


After cleansing, it is a good idea to apply a nourishing mask, from roots to ends, to close the cuticle hair shaft scales. Our recommendation is the MASCHERA LUMINOSA VITALITÀ ESTĒREL, with a pasty consistency, based on ARGAN OIL to protect and nourish, and SILK PROTEINS which make hair silky, shiny and resistant. For best results, leave the mask to act for at least 15 minutes – perhaps covering your head with cling film. Subsequently, you can move on to the rinsing phase, always with warm water.

Don't forget, then, that a healthy diet rich in vitamins B, C and E, together with the minerals zinc and selenium are essential for the well-being of your hair, especially in autumn and winter. If necessary, ask the opinion of your doctor or a trusted nutritionist.

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