Male Skin

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Male Skin

One question ... Is male skin different from female skin?

The first substantial difference is the thickness: men's skin contains more collagen and is 20% thicker than women's one. However, this does not mean that it is immune to wrinkles and signs of aging. Another factor of difference is greasiness: male skin has usually more pores and sebaceous glands; it tends to become shiny more easily. Finally, the shaving factor should not be underestimated: constantly exposed to razors and razor blades, male skin is more sensitive, delicate and more exposed to external agents.

For this reason, our experts have dedicated a specific line for the Care and Beauty of men’s Face, and Body. The Cosmetics of the "Pour Homme" Collection represent the fundamental ingredients to give life to Wellness and Beauty Rituals, for the treatment and care of Eyes, Face and Body.

A synergy of natural products with beneficial emollient and moisturizing effects, studied for protecting against redness and irritation, preventing and fighting the signs of mature skin, restoring tone and improving skin hydration.

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