How to remove stretch marks with ESTĒREL creams

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How to remove stretch marks with ESTĒREL creams

Stretch marks, more or less evident scars that appear on the skin after a pregnancy or significant weight loss, are undoubtedly among the most widespread and unwelcome skin blemishes.

The areas of the body that are affected by the onset of stretch marks range from the buttocks to the abdomen, affecting also limbs and breasts; it goes without saying that, whatever the area in which they appear, these blemishes affect the beauty of the skin - despite being totally harmless.

The question is: is it possible to remove stretch marks? How?

We analyze the answer to this question in this article which will examine the main aspects of stretch marks, delving into the causes, remedies, as well as the best prevention methods to adopt.

Stretch marks: what are they and where do they come from

Firstly, it is appropriate to start by clarifying exactly what stretch marks are.

Basically, these are atrophic linear scars that follow a parallel course to each other and are mainly due to the tear of the elastic fibers contained within the deepest layer of the skin, i.e. the dermis.

Changes in weight and volume that occur over a rather short period of time, in fact, cause stretching of the internal structures of the dermis, damage that is aggravated if the skin is not treated regularly.

Due to these tears that occur in depth, the most superficial layer of the skin sees the appearance of real scars that are more or less thin but still several centimeters long.

In the vast majority of cases, the areas of the body in which stretch marks appear are the thighs, buttocks, hips, arms, abdomen and breasts: that is, those areas where there is greater skin tension and accumulation of adipose tissue.

Women are definitely affected more often; despite this, stretch marks can also occur on men's skin, although more rarely.

In female individuals, the appearance of stretch marks is related to rather delicate periods of life such as pregnancy and puberty; in other cases, the development of these extremely widespread skin blemishes is linked to cortisone therapies, mechanical stress or a strong genetic component.

In any case, stretch marks do not imply any type of risk for the general health of the affected subject, except for a state of frustration or psychological discomfort.

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How to remove stretch marks: the most effective remedies

Although the course is gradual and leads to a completely spontaneous improvement, unfortunately stretch marks never disappear completely and, in most cases, they continue to be present on the skin, although they can actually fade over time.

However, you can act by applying remedies to make stretch marks less visible and above all to prevent their onset.

Moisturize your skin

A first factor to take into consideration is the hydration of the skin: drier skin is undoubtedly more exposed to the risk of developing stretch marks.

Therefore, it is essential to regularly apply products such as our ÉMULSION ANTI-ÂGE CORPS CREAM from our SPA PRESTIGE Collection to best hydrate the skin and improve its tone and elasticity. Based on shea butter and Croton lechleri extract, ÉMULSION ANTI-ÂGE CORPS prevents stretch marks and minimizes those already present.

Apply firming products

The other habit to introduce into your routine for the treatment of stretch marks is the use of massages with firming creams.

MASSAGE FERMETÉ is the massage cream from ESTĒREL'S PHYTO CELLULES LINE designed precisely for this purpose. The massage allows the biotechnological active ingredients of the cream to penetrate deeply into the skin, counteracting tissue sagging and promoting the production of elastin.

Furthermore, we recommend the intensive treatment consisting of ÉMULSION VITAL CREAM and EXTRAIT VITAL LOTION, specific caring solutions formulated to counteract sagging skin of the breasts and décolleté and prevent aging by promoting the elimination of toxins and blocking the formation of free radicals, other than giving elasticity and softness to the skin,

Sun care protection

Another factor not to be underestimated is sunlight.

First, tanning makes the typical stretch marks more visible, since scar tissue does not produce melanin like the rest of the skin. While the rest of the skin darkens, stretch marks retain their pearly color and are therefore more evident.

Secondly, skin that is not adequately protected from UV rays will tend to age faster, making stretch marks easier and more frequent.

Therefore, it is of fundamental importance to protect your skin from the sun with products suited to your phototype, such as those present in the SOLE ESTĒREL COLLECTION.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

Of course, beyond skin care, the prevention of stretch marks also involves a healthy lifestyle.

For example, it is crucial to regularly stick to a good exercise routine, as movement helps tone the body and skin.

Special attention should also be paid to the diet: sudden changes in weight or in one's eating habits with the aim of losing weight as quickly as possible could put a strain on the elasticity of the skin which, in the end, could tear. Therefore, it is essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet to maintain an ideal weight. Of course, smoking should also be avoided, as it is known to age the skin.

Stretch marks are undoubtedly blemishes capable of negatively impacting the external appearance and structural integrity of the skin. However, a daily skin care routine based on hydrating and firming products represents an effective solution for treating stretch marks and preventing them, especially when coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

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