How to protect your hair from the Sun with SOLE solutions

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How to protect your hair from the Sun with SOLE solutions

Summer is now upon us and its inexorable approach inevitably leads the mind to plan how to spend the holidays relaxing and having fun.

While we are intent on spending entire days outdoors to relax and regenerate the mind enjoying breathtaking natural views, we must remember that the sun's rays are not only a risk for our skin, but also for our hair and scalp.

Yes, because UV rays - especially in combination with sand, salt and wind - can represent stress for the hair, which is exposed to the loss of shine, strength and beauty.

From this it is quite clear that it is of crucial importance to accurately and correctly protect hair from the sun; but what are the potential damages that it can cause to the hair fiber? What can you do to prevent your scalp from getting damaged in summer?


First of all, it is appropriate to take a closer look at the effects that the sun can have on hair.

Let's start from the stem: that is, the most external and consequently most visible part; without any protection, in fact, the sun's rays are perfectly capable of damaging the hair fiber rather quickly, causing the release of free radicals, leading to a gradual but constant loss of strength and shine. The scales that cover the shaft lift spontaneously, making the hair dry, weak and easy to break.

The other target of the negative action of the Sun's rays is the bulb, a structure located in the deepest part of the follicle responsible for the development of the hair. Here, exposure to UV rays can damage the process of birth, growth and development of the hair, causing cell apoptosis and leading to more fragile hair over time.

In short, as we have examined, the sun can certainly have a significantly negative impact on the health and well-being of the hair if not adequately protected.


Immediately before traveling, it is advisable to equip yourself as best as possible by bringing with you a good sunscreen for your hair such as the Beach Waves Oil which you can find on our e-commerce.

The use of a cap, a bandana, a light fabric headdress or a straw hat is still advisable, especially if you intend to expose yourself to the sun during the central hours of the day.

In addition to the advice already mentioned, it is equally wise to always pay attention to the rules of conduct to be adopted directly on the beach; for example, it is essential to try to alternate exposure to the sun with some rest or activities carried out in the shade, so as not to put too much pressure on the hair fibre.

However, in order to preserve the health and well-being of the hair from the negative and harmful action of the sun, it is equally important to respect a routine of cleansing and regenerating the hair even during the evening hours: why is it so important?

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Prolonged exposure of hair to sunlight and its UV rays causes considerable stress on their structure; for this reason, it is essential to continue to take care of their health even when you return home, at the end of a day spent on the beach.

One of the most important actions to do is thorough cleansing through the use of an adequate shampoo, an essential gesture to remove all traces of impurities trapped in the hair due to the action of the wind, such as sand, salt, dust or dust.

Our Shower Shampoo from the Sole Collection has been formulated specifically to cleanse and nourish your scalp, hydrating the shaft and regenerating damaged ends.

After washing and cleansing your hair with shampoo, you can apply a Restructuring and Nourishing Mask, like the one from our Sun Collection, on damp hair, taking care to distribute it carefully over the entire hair and leaving it to act for a period of time. varying from 5 to 10 minutes in total, before rinsing carefully.

The main purpose of this mask is to thoroughly hydrate and nourish the hair, repairing it from damage caused by the sun and eliminating frizz from its external component, thus restoring its original brilliance and shine to the hair.


In this regard, it is best to avoid using the hairdryer too close to the hair or rubbing the head excessively with the towel, actions that could damage the integrity of the individual hair already put to the test by the action of the Sun.

Rather, the best thing is to let the hair dry spontaneously or, at most, using a light cloth to rub the ends of the hair very delicately to encourage faster drying.

In short, from what we have examined in this article, it is quite clear that protecting hair from the sun is essential to preserving its lasting well-being.

Without a doubt, many of us can't wait to spend entire days at the seaside or in the mountains, having fun in the company of friends and family; doing it with common sense and respecting these and other tips will allow you to protect your hair as much as possible from the action of the sun, for shiny, brilliant and strong hair!

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