Intensive Whitening Serum

Golden White Peonia Serum

Lightening Complex

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Intensive Whitening Serum to effectively treat cases of hyper-pigmentation, dull and uneven skin. It prevents and favors the progressive attenuation of dark spots with its intensive moisturizing and nourishing action that protects from UV rays and ensures wellbeing effects.


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Special time-winner solution recommended for all skin types and specific for mature skin with dark spots on face and hands, the included extraordinary ingredients, like Rosa Mosqueta Oil, Ceramide, Peony Flowers Extract, Maltodextrin Complex and Vitamin E, perform an advanced radiance boosting action that brightens the complexion and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Its intensive protective and anti-aging properties revive skin on contact and over the long term for a healthier-looking and more-even appearance making this product the perfect solution as brightening serum that provides optimal light reflection and enhanced luminosity.


Apply evenly to clean skin morning and night over the face and hands skin, paying extra attention to areas of concern. Use with: Lifting Spécial.

The natural mix

  • ROSA MOSQUETA OIL: it is made up of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids whose repair and anti-aging effects are well known. It has regenerative properties against cell membranes and renewal of skin tissues.
  • CERAMID: ceramides are the main constituents of the lipid barrier. They play a fundamental role in preventing trans-epidermal water loss, in maintaining hydration and skin elasticity and in preventing the absorption of harmful substances. As we age, the percentage of ceramides present in the skin is considerably reduced. Therefore, it is essential to use cosmetics that contain them to restore and maintain the skin barrier.
  • EXTRACT from the PEONIA FLOWERS: extracted from the Peonies of Mount Jiri, where the first and largest Korean national park is located, famous for its pristine eco-system, it has special bleaching, illuminating and antioxidant properties. It significantly inhibits the formation of melanin.
  • COMPLEX of MALTODESTRINE with ENZYME PROTEASIS: the enzyme protease is a keratolytic able to break the bonds between cells and cause their detachment, thus stimulating the regeneration of new more hydrated and elastic layers, making the skin smooth and velvety. Maltodextrins prolong the activity and specificity of the protease enzyme by exploiting its beneficial properties.
  • VITAMIN E: has a high antioxidant activity, able to reduce the action of free radicals, blocking oxidative stress, the cause of cell damage.

This cosmetic is formulated with:

  • NO Parabens
  • NO Thiazolinones
  • NO Cessories formaldehyde
  • NO Chelating synthesis
  • NO Paraffins
  • NO Dyes
  • NO Silicones



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