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Contour des Yeux

Price €72.00

Eye Soft Care Gel - Ready for close-up

Purchasing 2 pcs of your favorite product you can save €3 for each unit.

Intensive fluid treatment for eyes. It prevents signs of age, treating wrinkles and...

Hydrating Tan Activating Skin Fluid
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Hydrating Tan Activating...

Price €22.36 Regular price €26.00 -14%

Tanning accelerator, moisturizer and anti-aging solution

Stimulates the production of melanin, for a uniform and golden tan, even when if not exposed to Sun rays. Specific when it is hard to get tanned and for lasting the healthy effects of tanning....

Tropical Insect Repellent
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Tropical Insect Repellent

Price €11.00

Natural Bug Spray

Insect repellent and protective natural product, delicate and light. Its special formula based on pure essential oils acts quickly, protecting the skin from mosquito bites and other insects, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness....

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Kit Body Routine ACTION...

Price €199.00

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The warm season is the right time to treat the imperfections of cellulite and adiposity, improve the tone and elasticity of the tissues and restore well-being and beauty to the skin.