Top Service for your Brand: Customized Private Label Cosmetics

Mario Zunino’s specialists team offers a top supply performance as regards private label cosmetics manufacture service in terms of quality, raw materials and supply chain control.

It makes customized private label cosmetics coming from Mario Zunino R&D Labs to express prestige, refinement and effectiveness, always responding to your vision and to your targets. We are working with you for achieving the perfect formula you want for your brand, innovative and perfectly matching your brand’s storytelling and your expectations.

We can develop customized and certified highquality cosmetics: shampoos, lotions, conditioners, creams, soaps, milks and foams, for Hair, Face and Body, until coming to the most delicate and performing collections for sun-care and personal hygiene.

Mario Zunino Labs - Private label cosmetics from A to Z

Since 1961 Mario Zunino R&D Labs formulate and manufacture Professional Cosmetics for Skin and Hair, with innovation and care for the Nature. Your brand can rely on our more than sixty years old expertise in creating high-end private label cosmetics.

Our qualified experts can offer full support at any step of the process, since the idea and formulation until the dedicated training for your sales net concerning your customized private label cosmetics.

What are we caring of for your private label cosmetics?

Research, specific for Private Label
Our Labs-Team will study your request and your vision for achieving the most suiting formula.
The proposed cosmetic formulations will be the result of our wide experience, a real guarantee for quality and prestige, for developing new winning private label cosmetics in cooperation with you.
Stability Test and effectiveness
We manage directly all needed chemical, physical and microbiological tests, in partnership with prestigious Italian Universities for testing the effectiveness of your customized private label cosmetics.
Standards for the achievement of certifications
All cosmetics coming from Mario Zunino Labs hold the UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment), 22716 (GMP) Certifications. Mario Zunino Labs are recognized as approved NaTrue Manufacturer; we can offer the same for your customized private label cosmetics.
Manufacture and Filling of customized cosmetics
In our plants (2000 m2) of Volpiano, close to Torino, we are able to produce until 10.000 liters bulk daily. We can supply the finished product in bulk or filled, packed and ready for the marketing. In our plants we can fill and pack until 30.000 pieces per day.
Shipment arrangements
We arrange the goods for internal and international shipments, by air, sea, truck.
Training for sales team
Our experts can go with your private label cosmetics until they are sold to the final customer. Our technical team can train your staff regarding the properties, the best use and the most effective communication for each product.

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