Face Care

Explore the secret of timeless beauty with our line of 100% natural products, designed to pamper your skin with delicate and nourishing ingredients. Cleanse gently, protect with love and hydrate deeply to give your face an irresistible glow, ready to face every challenge of the summer with confidence. Feel the freshness of nature on your skin and transform every day into a moment of authentic well-being and splendor.

  • Hydratante Jour

    Price €49.00

    Day Moisturizing Cream

    Purchasing 2 pcs of your favorite product you can save €2 for each unit.

    Day moisturizing cream, without preservatives, created to hydrate and nourish hypersensitive,...

  • Baume Après Rasage pH

    Price €30.00

    Before & After Shaving Balm

    Jar 150 ml NET WT. 5 OZ.
    Before and after shaving anti-aging balm, studied for who desires a moisturizing and lenitive cosmetic.

  • Golden Cream

    Price €80.00

    Rejuvenating Treatment

    Jar 50 ml NET WT. 1.6 OZ

    Deep Invigorating Moisturizer to help repair dry, thin and dehydrated skin.


    Price €33.00

    Bi-Phase Soft Cleansing Water

    Organic lotion for ultra-effective make-up removal that leaves skin clean and soft with no greasy residue.


    Price €66.00

    Delicate & Calming Face Cream

    Organic face cream with precious natural ingredients. Protects and moisturizes sensitive skin.